Matter Army Issue

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Matter Army Issue
Matter Army Issue.png
Type Ranged
Ammunition Matter
Range/Accuracy Medium
Rate of Fire Rapid
Magazine size 20
Damage 1

The Matter Army Issue (also known as Matter Gun) is an automatic handgun that shoots a matter charge. Standard magazine (Matter) size is 20.

It cost 325 volts to buy it, and each upgrade cost 80 volts.

Description: Great damage, really packs a punch.

[edit] Upgrades

  • Pointer (Laser sight)
    • Better range/accuracy
    • Level 1 costs 80 volts
  • Scope
    • Gives bullet time bonus
    • Level 1 costs 80 volts
  • Suppressor
    • Greatly reduces sound; changes projectile color to white.
    • Enhances recoil handling.
    • Level 1 costs 80 volts

[edit] Video

[edit] Tactics

The Matter gun is good for camping, or a roll and shoot technique.