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A game by Oxeye Game Studio in collaboration with Mojang and music by Anosou Music, Cobalt is an action game of running, jumping, rolling, shooting, throwing, dancing, hacking, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, pinata-ing, passing, scoring... and even more rolling!

Play cooperatively with friends or defeat your enemies in a deathmatch, Bounty, Survival, or Capture the Plug matches! (Or one of the other game modes, of course!)

Cobalt is available for Alpha testing (Windows and Mac only). Download the client and get your pre-order in now!

The game's full map editor will be included with the Beta release of the game, and with the Gold release of the game it will be easy to share and find other player's maps. Additionally the game is written mainly in Lua (a script language), which allows for easy modding.

For further details please view the Cobalt release FAQ.


Current Version: v124i Alpha


Metalface MK-1 is a highly reliable cyborg for long missions with low chance of success. Loved for its upstanding morale, positive attitude and charming eyes!

It's hard to be a metal face. Agent Cobalt has learned as much after finding the Space Exploration Foundation's lost colonization ship "The Seed" at planet X9CSEC5.5B-blue, Trunkopia. It was once built by a one million strong development team back on Earth, but disappeared merely 30 minutes after its subspace jump. Whatever happened on board during its misadventure, sanity was not invited.

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