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Deathmatch is a game mode first introduced in v100 Alpha. As of v123 Alpha, both deathmatch and survival gamemodes recieved a revamp; now, there are no teams in deathmatch, and each player must fight alone vs all the other players. In the old Deathmatch mode, teams fight against each other trying to cooperatively get a certain number of kills.

v123 Deathmatch revamp[edit | edit source]

As of v123, there now exist many options to choose while in the menu that will modify how you play. Said options can be accessed by switching the 'use map settings' option to 'customized', then enter the 'edit settings' menu.

As of v125, more options are being added to allow using the new types of weapons:

Maps[edit | edit source]

Custom Deathmatch[edit | edit source]

Before the v123 Deathmatch revamp, deatmatch maps were played in teams and always 'using the map settings' (since there was no other option back then). The objective was still the same. No official map uses the dm_ gamemode anymore, as they have all been updated to d_. You can still install user maps that use this gamemode (their prefix is dm_ instead of d_) and the maps will still work as they did.