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"It's hard to be a metal face. Agent Cobalt has learned as much after finding the Space Exploration Foundation's lost colonization ship The Seed at planet X9CSEC5.5B-blue, Trunkopia. It was once built by a one million strong development team back on Earth, but disappeared merely 30 minutes after its subspace jump. Whatever happened on board during its misadventure, sanity was not invited."

Agent Cobalt, the main character of Cobalt, is a Metalface MK-1.

They are not exclusively controlled by human players, but can also appear as NPCs.
You can customize them through the profile creation options.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Brains Eligible:

  • Aged 15-95 years
  • Both male and female!
  • Mentally healthy - No exceptions!
  • Bodily shortcomings not a problem!

Package Includes:

  • Memory wipe of past life! (Optional)
  • A guaranteed adventure!
  • A second chance!

The following voids warranty:

  • Rolling
  • Use of jet shoes indoors
  • Changing radio channel
  • Utilizing jet bikes
  • Compressing leg joints
  • Unsanctioned tapping of the feet
  • Walking against conveyour belts
  • Using the Sloth-Grip™ hands for Climbing
  • Throwing boomerangs
  • Opening the eye-utility hatches[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Survival NPC[edit | edit source]

In the survival-game mode, Metalfaces can spawn. They use the default coloring, and act like Deathmatch bots.
In Survival House, they will spawn at waves 6, 7 and 9.

Deathmatch/Plug Slam Bot[edit | edit source]

In Deathmatch and Plug Slam, Metalface NPCs can have different colors, including different eye colors. They are susceptible to certain environmental hazards.

Player-Controlled[edit | edit source]

Player-controlled Metalfaces have 48 Head, Detail, Hand, Feet, and Body colors to choose from, as well as 19 Eye colors, 49 Lid and Socket colors, and 37 Mouth colors.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Metalface gall1.jpg
An example of the colors.
Colorful bot.jpg
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