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v123 Alpha[edit | edit source]

Released February 7th, 2014


  • Changed brain movement
  • Altered horizon rendering to be more epic and less in your face.
  • Added a slight bonus to the jump that you do at the end of a roll to more nicely be able to climb 128 high ramps
  • New actor: Boom!
  • New actor. Wasp!
  • New actor: Fly!
  • New actor: Skullfish!
  • Walking reduces speed less when above max and rolling up slopes should be less slippery and stopping while fast should be less sudden and more nice!
  • Improved reflect so that it more nicely reflects bullets back
  • Tweaked the punch origin position which made it feel better both in regards to roll punching and for hitting incoming grenades as well as bullets. It can now rather nicely punch plasma balls as well as slugger bullets if you time it correctly.
  • Tweaked the predator AI to attack in bursts with pauses in between to make the combat with them more interesting and predictable.
  • Added a skill variable to ai settings on spawners. It controls the general performance of the ai in regards to response times, shooting, rolldodging and much more.
  • You can now carry max 3 different types of throwables, similar to ranged weapons.
  • Small gameplay improvements to sandy challenge maps.
  • Rolling amount is now directly connected to how much you spin which should make it more clear.
  • Improved air roll landing behaviour to be more smooth.
  • Jump can now be aborted/interrupted mid jump by releasing jump. Jump is also slightly higher. You can also always jump-kick/double jump, running first makes it stronger.
  • New Game Mode: TEAM-STRIKE: Round-based team versus. Always 4 on 4, take over bots when you die, economy system and actor selection between each round with different classes and levels!
  • Survival very much reworked! Gambling, dynamic shop, waves and an actual end!
  • Bots now have a setting for their skill level, also an option to automatically adjust bot skills.
  • Spiked mines only detonate on enemies and also blink more aggressively when you approach it.
  • Removed reloading/switching weapon penalties.
  • Completely reworked the combo/scoring system.
  • Plasma is now deflectable, but still does damage and heat. More consistent!
  • Missiles now get pushed around like grenades when shot. More consistent!
  • Weaving nut and Fresh meat now spawns a temporary spikebird and hamster.
  • Two new suit types: Chrono and Stealth.
  • Slight rebalance among suits. Explorer suit has slightly buffed cold and heat resistance.
  • Added small personal indicator for autoaiming.
  • Felishroom has higher jump.
  • Flashbang visuals tweaked, gameplay effect emphasized. Enhanced being blind feedback. Increased flashbang effect range. Facing back to flashbang now is better over longer ranges.
  • Improved auto-aiming accuracy during bullet time effect and while using scopes.
  • Rebalanced bullet time factors for plasma and gyrojet.
  • Removed the big tile rose selector. Now it only works while hovering to replace tiles. It was getting out of hand loading wise and it was fairly unusable anyway. It was more commonly pressed accidentally which would hang the editor in a huge load.
  • Improved explosion feedback, clearer range of effect.
  • Explosives now also stun for a short while at a larger range than their damage. Force/stun from explosions range increased.
  • Explosives now has an exponential damage curve instead of binary damage.
  • Plasma weapons have been reworked and rebalanced. Instead of overheating and cooling down, it now charges up so that the first shots are more powerful. Indicated by sound and visuals.
  • Rebalanced slugger weapons to have a clearer role. High rate of fire, less max ammo, more punch in deflect countering, slightly slightly longer range, clearer visuals.
  • User maps are now listed in a separate user maps menu.
  • Increased rail slinger and defender ammo.
  • Increased aiming speed of the lighter rail weapons and added semi-firing mechanics to rail slinger.
  • Improved auto aim of weapons affected by gravity (crossbow, grenade launcher…),
  • Matter gun silencer < slugger revolution < slugger semi stealthyness.
  • Urns and borealis containers are no longer grippable.
  • And probably a ton of smaller changes I forgot to type down! (Thewreck)

Unlisted Alterations:

  • Added many maps:
    • d_tequilla
    • su_desertBase
    • su_villa
    • ts_bunker
    • ts_duels
    • ts_dust
    • ts_forest
    • ts_forts
    • ts_pit
    • ts_snowstorm
    • ts_space
  • Modified many maps to fit the new reworked gamemodes (d_ and su_):
    • dm_ballet
    • dm_cannon
    • dm_desert
    • dm_drRed
    • dm_gladiator
    • dm_jazz
    • dm_rocketcity
    • dm_spaceZone
    • dm_tomb
    • dm_tower
    • sur_house
    • sur_research_facility


  • Optimized detector code which also should make it never accidentally miss a detection at fast speeds close to the detector.
  • Fixed bug in region size manipulation
  • Fixed bug drawing with the tile color brush on flipped files. Also affected tile affecting lights.
  • Hopefully took care of a rare modulation < 0 crash. (seems at least one instance is still there somewhere.)
  • Fixed certain secrets being visible.
  • Moved negative sign in timers
  • Fixed not getting a kill for things you caused after you die.
  • Fixed annoying physics bug where you would fly away on rotating and activated tiles sometimes.
  • And probably a ton of smaller bug fixes I forgot to type down! (Thewreck)
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